Why choose us

Welcome to Phone 4 Office. Our company was founded on the philosophy of providing cloud-based phone service of the highest possible voice quality.
Phone 4 Office has been providing Hosted PBX services since 2010, making us one of the longer-established companies in the market. The EasyOS platform has a full suite of telephone features designed for the SMB and enterprise markets. From a single or multi-user account to a commercial-grade call centre, Easy Office Phone provides an end-to-end business phone solution.
Our Cloud-based platform is scalable and easily deployed to in-house, home-based and off-shore locations, providing a flexible staffing option that optimizes productivity. We offer multi-platform options, all of which include access to our web interface.
Call-In-1 Contact Center
Call-In-1 is purpose-built to unify all devisions within business and industry.
Call-In-1 offers a full cloud-based operations platform, with a bolt-on contact center environment to optimize performance for sales, support and service departments. Virtual Call Center Our Virtual Call Center solution (also called Hosted Call Center), offers a powerful, user-friendly interface for national and global call and contact centres. With its robust feature set, intuitive web interface and detailed reporting and tracking, our solutions are a perfect fit for both in-house and outsourced virtual call center applications. The virtual call centre integrates seamlessly with our standard Easy SMB platform and with Call-In-1.
Voice Quality Optimization
This isn't just telecom - it's business-class Hosted PBX.We provide only premium transit links between all of our centres, optimizing voice quality with the goal of eliminating packet loss, latency and jitter. Our voice product travels on a Layer 2 path optimized for quality, allowing us to deliver high-quality voice with a choice of codecs. Our SIP servers tie into the PSTN networks of top-tier providers such as Level 3, using their PRIs. All of our data-center are mirrored, If any one server fails, calls are immediately routed to an alternative.
Redundancy and Reliability
Our network utilizes multiple datacenters, in different physical locations, to provide our customers with a high level of redundancy. We're not reliant on any one machine or group of machines - even in a worst-case scenario, we have a backup plan. See our diagram at right. We were early adopters of highly-redundant, geographically distributed network architecture, with multiple datacenters across the US. Our points of presence sit in the same centers as Tier-1 providers such as Level 3, tying directly into their PSTN networks. All of our datacenters are mirrored, to offer hot failover throughout North America. We provide only premium transit links between all of our centers, optimizing voice quality with the goal of eliminating packet loss, latency and jitter. Our Data Centers are highly secured facilities, with 24 x 7 x 365 uniformed security desks, CCTV cameras throughout, door entry-card access, a front door 'mantrap' for controlled entry and limited, supervised access to all secured areas.